Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm thinking of calling the first book of 'Blue' - Transformation. I thought Death but I don't think a publisher would like that much. 

I was reading the boot camp book (see the 1/10 post). I read about transforming the way I think about my writing. This is going to be a confused blog post, but I see what the guy was talking about.

I've never written a whole story like 'Blue' from scratch. I've always had something that I used as the template and went from there. It made writing my stories easy. With 'Blue' - the story came out of the blue (*g*) and I really didn't know where it was heading when I first started writing it. I had a beginning and an end, but not much more.

The other stuff I've written was all based on characters that I knew, really knew. I knew a lot about my characters in 'Blue,' but not enough. With the help of my writing buddy, I started a biography of Kathleen. The author of Boot Camp suggests writing about five pages worth of stuff. Birth date, family dynamics, experiences that made them what they are but are not in the book. All sorts of stuff. Now, I'm pretty familiar with Kathleen, but I am delving deeper into who she is and what makes her 'tick.'

Next will be Kaspar. He should be fun. I've changed how he looks. I think I might go over to images in Google and do a face search and see if I can find someone who looks like him. I'll print it out and use it as I write. Same really with all my other characters. I know people who think of the perfect actor (if their book was made into a movie) and that helps them know their characters. I always wondered about that, but I think I'll try it. 

I'm not going to write five pages for each of the eight characters that are important in the story, but I'm definitely going to flesh them out more. It'll be fun. 

Life should be fun.

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