Thursday, January 10, 2013


Could be frustrated..... 

Names. You know I am meticulous when it comes to names. I go over their meaning; I look at them numerogically; I spend a lot  of time making sure that they agree with their birthplace and family and make-up.

One of the things my editor suggested was to work on one of the characters. Her 'take' of him was entirely different than mine. She said use the characteristics of his heritage to flesh him out. But, as I said, that wasn't him at all.

Which means - I did not portray him well.

Now - I have two choices. Go back and change a lot of who he is and add a lot of who I really don't want him to be.... OR.... Change his name.

I changed his name. Which, of course, meant that his appearance changed, too. But not his personality. Not who he is. 

Phew! I've spent the last two days working on that name change decision.

Along with that, I am now putting together a clearer biography for the main and supporting characters. My writing buddy is coming over tonight and she's bringing one of her favorite books, 'Novelists Boot Camp.'

I'm going to spend the next few days working hard on my characters' lives and motivations. Then, I'll be able to go back and really have a good time with the editing. :)

Life is a good time.

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