Saturday, January 12, 2013


My goodness, there are times when I crave it. I had started a new book, 'The Other Side,' and then put it on hold. I just wasn't sure how good the writing was or if folks would want to read it.

Today I presented the first five chapters to my Skyline writers' group. They were wildly enthusiastic. Holy crumbs! I could hardly believe it. I'm still kind of reeling at their response. This is a sci-fi book. There aren't too many in our group who write, or read, sci-fi. They loved it. *shakes head in surprise*

So guess what -- I'm forging ahead with this thing. I've got six chapters completed and the comments from the group suggest I don't have much to edit on the chapters presented. 

I have to laugh. I cut out the sex scenes on the pages I sent them. They're not many and they are not graphic, but they are homosexual in nature. Though I have no problem writing of homosexual liaisons, I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable with 'forcing' them to read something they normally wouldn't. Well, they want me to send the 'unabridged' version today. *g*

I suppose I shouldn't have let my own doubts stop me from presenting this new book, but I cannot tell you how invigorated I feel with the affirmation from my group. I will have to put their names on the 'acknowledgement page'!

Life is a good critique group. 

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