Friday, January 18, 2013

Afraid Of Success???

I meant to tell you about finding and using Picasa. I think it's like a cheap photoshop. I am using it to save photos of those whom I've found on the web to look somewhat like my characters look and also for some of the landscapes I'm using. There's going to be a class on it sometime in the near future at a center to which I belong. I'm looking forward to that, though I have been playing with the site. It's pretty good for my needs now. I expect to learn more of the craft and some painting to flesh out the things needed for Blue and The Other Side.

I went to my local center today for a motivational talk. It was very, very good. I asked a question that had the speaker and the audience laughing. Let me lay down a bit of groundwork. I live in an area that has a professional football team that has floundered for years upon years. It is the local joke that our team will win when hell freezes over. Personally, I think it's the water.

My questions was: like the local sports team, why can't I get into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl in my life path? 

As I said, the speaker and audience chuckled, knowing full well the level of frustration of fans in our town. It bespoke my level of frustration when it comes to going beyond the writing to the agent and the publisher.

Positive thinking. That's the answer. Not being afraid of success. Now, this is the second time someone has suggested that I might be afraid of success. I've got to look into this further.

Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you, I figured out how to make pages for my blog! A wee bit of success there. 

Off now to edit some more of Blue. I've fallen behind a little, though I am happy to say I did finish Chapter 7 of 'The Other Side.'

Life is success???

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