Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ruining A Good Tale

I love words. I suppose that's one reason I like writing. It gives me a chance to use all the wondrous words I've gleaned over the years. However -- can I ruin my books with words? I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but I think it can be true. I have to be cognizant with words. I don't want to pull my readers from the story. If they have to look up a word, what good was it? I've got to remember to use the word with plenty of context and description so the reader knows what it means without being pulled from the story.

I know some writers love using long descriptive phrases. Personally, I skip over them. Unless they are truly used to forward the story, telling me that the disease that assails the character was brought in from Timbuktu on a trawler, then they're useless and pull me from the story as I skip along trying to find the end of an interminable description.

I found this great blog that really addresses this matter. I'm sure you'll see exactly what I mean from the examples she uses. For myself, the zoo book has me surprised that the editor let the passages be published. They are an interminable waste of space. I don't feel that way with the second book. Click on the link. See if you agree with me.

On another topic -- goals are definitely helping me. I reached my goal for editing the next chapter of 'Blue,' and I'm halfway through the next chapter of 'The Other Side.' Whoo hoo! I noted the 'Blue' progress on my left hand border.

Life is satisfying.

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