Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enjoy The Ride

Stephen King to Neil Gaiman: "You should enjoy it." Upon Neil's success with a comic book. Neil didn't take the advise and now rues it. Neil's says, in the commencement address below, that it was hard to 'let go and enjoy the ride.'

This is a great and inspiriting speech. Please take a moment and watch it. And other commencement speeches. Most of them are designed to inspire. 

"Pretend to be someone who can do it." Neil Gaiman. I think this is great advice. I'm pretending I'm J.K. Rawlings. For now. Later on, I'll be best-selling author Sharron Walsh. 


I stopped by the place where one of my writers' groups meets. Two of my friends were there. One said hello and scurried off. The other sat and we chatted. She teaches a class and I'm a participant. She doesn't charge. She is also reading another student's MS. She's not charging for that either. I'm wondering if we authors shoot ourselves in the foot by doing things that we really SHOULD be remunerated for. 

I sold stuff a long time ago and quickly found that I was going broke giving away free samples. I had to step on myself and sell the product, not give it away. I finally stopped selling. It just wasn't fun.

I don't think it's good for us to work for free. Even Paul, in the gospels, worked as a tent maker to pay his way. Our work is worthwhile. It is worth being paid for.

We also discussed fear. I was telling her about mine and how it stifles my writing. She smiled and said she believes all writers have a fear monster living within us. One that must be battled daily. 

After yesterday's post, and wanting to find out what happens in 'The Other Side,' I've been writing like crazy. I am fighting the fear monster with the 'you-gotta-find-out-what-happens' monster. That one is scarier than the fear monster and more powerful. Hooray!

For some reason, it's also given me the impetus to go back to enjoying editing. I'm ahead of schedule with 'Blue.' (see the progress side of the home page). That is exhilarating.

In fact, I was going to put up a poll, but the questions just kept coming and so, I'm putting them here.

Do I sometimes feel afraid when I'm trying to write?
Do I fear to delve too deeply into me when I'm writing?
Am I afraid the real me will be exposed? 
Is that so bad?
Do I feel exhilarated when the Muse is running rampant?
Do I need confirmation, affirmation, respect, and love as a writer?
Do I need feedback?
Do I want feedback? *g*
Am I ready to enjoy the ride - even if it's an insane roller coaster?

Life is quixotic. 

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