Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do I Hear The Truth?

I met with my writing buddy this evening. My goodness, we have such a great time together. We share about everything but the kitchen sink. And laugh while we're doing it.

Tonight, she told me how very much I mean to her, as a friend and a co-writer and a teacher. It was so heartening. 

Today, I met with another friend. It was a playdate for my granddaughter. We'd met at the local ballet school about two years ago, this woman and her daughter, and hit it off right away. The girls became fast friends. We started doing playdates about a year ago. This woman and I found we had a common bond -- writing. Our friendship has blossomed. I look back and am astounded. She told me, today, that she is so very glad that we met and what a good friend I have been to her and how she looks forward to our times together. She is also a quilter. I do so love to be around creative people. There is such energy to be gleaned.

I've had friends along the years. I know they are special to me, but I never quite realized til today that I have been, and am, special to them. It was an eye-opening day and I'm most grateful for it. 

My writing buddy and I spoke of the First of the 'Four Agreements.' That one says to be truthful in all our doings - especially with ourselves. I have been endeavoring to be truthful to myself for the last few years. However, I am so happy to realize that as I have been truthful with myself and my friends and acquaintances, I have grown. 

I got an email from my teacher/editor today stating how much she appreciates me and what I have meant in her life. For the good. I am dumbfounded. 

I share this so I will take these praises to heart and realize that I am made good. (I think it's by my Creator - but you can take it however you want.)

I feel like I'm rambling. Forgive me. Even as a writer, I sometimes lack the words. I just know that to be truthful with myself means to look at myself from all angles and to strive to accept myself and VALUE myself. Therefore, the New Year's resolutions. I am worth it. I tell myself that in truth. 

Life is truth.

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