Friday, January 4, 2013


A dear friend commented on yesterday's post - positively - and it positively helped. Thank you!

Now on to plans for the new year. As I've said, I've got a few resolutions up and running. I've kept them so far (it IS already the fourth!). But now I've got to focus on 'Blue' and fixing it. 

The changes and such that my editor gave me, as I've said, aren't horrific. They'll just involve an awful lot of time. I kind of feel I don't have time - I want to send it out. But the wise thing to do, the careful thing to do, is spend the time and make the changes. 

I've sent out some of my writings before and have received some nice rejection letters. I don't want that happening with 'Blue.' Of course, I know I'll get rejection letters, but I want it rejected in its pure state. Ready to be read. If that makes sense. 

It takes a lot of discipline to open the book and edit it. But isn't that why I started this blog? To learn discipline? I am most thankful that I did start this. I've enjoyed writing and sharing, but I've also slugged at the constraints of trying to daily submit something worthwhile. 

Well, I won't be able to start on 'Blue' until Saturday. Life is too hectic to give the book what it deserves. Writing it piecemeal isn't the way I want to edit. I've got to hunker down and spend serious time with this. I've got to delve further into my characters. I am ashamed to say that I don't feel I know them as well as I should. Time to throw a tea party for them and see how they react. Time to think of how they'd react to a lot of situations. Best way, I think, to know them.

Life is piecemeal.


  1. Editing a project that you've had in front of you time and time again is really no fun. There's no blame to you for feeling like you want to avoid it or wish it was done already, no matter how appropriate the edits and possible changes are! Try to make it as pleasant as possible, and maybe consider the "piecemeal" idea if it turns out to be too much to do at length. It's hard to be disciplined when you feel pressured by time, but if you don't want to see it again, taking the time now, no matter how long it takes, is worth it!

    Praying this is the last time you have to overhaul it until it's time to tweak it for publication! :-D

  2. Oh! What an awesome prayer!

    Yes, taking the time now is more important than finishing it willy-nilly and have it come back again and again.