Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clean Up Before The Plunge

I'm trying to clean up my computer area. I've found different pages of 'Blue' that had been critiqued, but I hadn't changed them in Word. So today, I made the corrections and such to a few chapters. I've printed out Chapter One of 'Blue' and the first few chapters of 'Other." I'm going to go off to a nice coffee shop and finish editing Chapter One. I know I have til Saturday, but I want this done with.

If you remember, I kill off restaurants. Ones that I find are perfect for writing are also prone to death. They don't get a lot of customers (hence the nice writing atmosphere) and they close. I'm hoping I won't kill off any coffee shops. I think Starbucks and Caribou have been around long enough. *crossed fingers*

I decided a change of venue and style should help with the editing. I do so love having Word where I can cut and paste and such, but I'm struggling and I think getting out my handy-dandy yellow legal pad should help.

Looking forward to it.

Life is creative.

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