Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try to write in the morning. I like to write at night, but I felt writing in the morning might be more productive. (Faulty thinking, probably, because I'm not a morning person.)

I'm almost finished with Chapter Six of 'The Other Side.' It's going well, but I got a phone call and had to meet someone. I pardon myself by saying, I did write some.

Later today, I was doing my usual 'writer' thing. I was watching people. Listening to conversations. Went to the movies and paid attention to plot line and character development. 

I remember my husband, an electrical engineer - he used to drive me mad when we'd go out for a ride. He'd spend most of his time looking at electrical substations and electric wires and such. Now I realize, it was part of who he was. I've turned into the same kind of person.

Yet -- tonight I'm having a difficult time thinking 'Blue' is good. I've got post-complete syndrome. Much as my editor said she likes the book, much as I like it too, I've been assailed by doubts. I know it happens to the best of writers. I'll get over it. But at this moment, I'm thinking about giving up on writing.

Of course, here I sit - thinking and writing about writing. Guess I can't get away from it. I'm that kind of person.

Life is forging ahead.


  1. Doubts will come, they just have to be ignored -- especially if they are actually part of being ill, or tired, or stressed out about something entirely different. Doubts are the last thing you should use as a measurement of ability, because doubt makes everything inaccurate.

    I have not doubted myself as a writer for ages, and yet just the other day, I read a story that was written for me that was so much the kind of thing I love to read that I felt doubts about my own writing. I had to go back and read something of my own to reassure myself. ;-) However, as a result, I did vow to work more towards improving my writing to reflect the things I enjoy seeing in other people's work (as long as it matches my style, of course).

    I think the fact that you have new ideas for new works on a regular basis says to me that you will never be able to give up on writing! :-D

  2. Bless you! Words of wisdom. I haven't doubted either. I've been plodding along having a wondrous time of it all. This is, I know, in response to work needed. I'm hiding under the covers. *g*