Sunday, July 1, 2012

The 'Other' Tale

I started another story about two weeks ago for a friend's birthday. I've been having a great time writing it. A little fluff is always fun. And doing it for a friend makes it even better. I finished the last chapter tonight. I've got the epilogue to write and then - that's it. 

I feel kind of sad - knowing it's almost over. I've liked the characters. I know I could make it last longer, their are many things still to tell, but I set a limit and I'm keeping to it. Otherwise, I'll not get back to 'Blue.' And I really must finish 'Blue.'

I think, don't tell her, that I might write a sequel next year for her next birthday. That would be fun. Look at me. I'm smiling just thinking about it. 

My writing buddy was truly surprised at the idea of a personally written story for a birthday present. As an author, what on earth better gift to give. I can't cook. She lives hundreds of miles away, so taking her out for a coffee or luncheon won't work. And I can't afford to buy her anything I'd really like to. So the book is perfect. The characters are ones she loves. I used her favorite birds, food, flowers and such in the story. It was truly personal and she was very, very happy.

Besides that, no matter what I write, I know I'm learning more about my craft. And that is a good thing.

Life is wondrous. 

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