Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ack! I'm supposed to go to New Zealand at the end of November. Been kind of planning the trip for a few years. Friends and I worked out the dates we want to be there. We are waiting on friends in NZ to confirm these dates.

I thought I best look at airfare. My stomach is feeling sickly. The cost of the airfare alone this time is about the same as the cost for my first trip - the entire trip - half a dozen years ago. I think I'm going to faint.

Ok, Sharron. We'll use this feeling - store it in the back vault for when such a feeling is needed - and then forge forward. 

I don't want to forge forward. I want to cry. I've been saving, too. But not for such an extraordinary rise in airfare. *heavy sigh*

I'm off tomorrow. I plan on spending a good portion of the day working on 'Blue.' I still have about twenty pages of corrections to meld into the finished chapters. That will take some time. But it's all done - just the inputting into the computer. 

The heat is supposed to be another scorcher tomorrow. I plan on having a very cold iced drink next to my computer. That should help me get through all the paperwork and onto the story itself.

I am handing in my MS for the SCBWI conference in a couple weeks. They ask for twelve pages without a cover letter - that's helpful. Part of the twelve pages can be a synopsis. I hate to waste a whole page of the story to give a page of synopsis, but it might be best. I'll speak with my editor and get her input.

Nothing is simple in life, but I'm trying to keep a smiley face on. *g*

Life is hot.

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