Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy Week-end

I received notes from my editor for chapters thirty-two through thirty-four. Good notes with hardly a change. She had a few questions, and as always, they were questions I'd had as I wrote the chapters. Happens almost every time. I find it comforting. We share the same perspective.

I met with my writing buddy last night. It's been over three weeks (holidays) and it felt great getting back together. We read my chapter ten of 'Blue' and her chapter ten, a rough draft. Giggled as always. Good feedback for both of us. I cherish these times. 

I finished the epilogue for my birthday tale and printed out the last few chapters of 'Blue.' I'm hoping to get some time with them tomorrow. It's hotter than blazes here. I'm hoping I can concentrate.

I took a step of faith and sent off my hook for 'Blue' to a fellow writer's blog. She posts them and gets quite a good response. I must have written the blasted 'hook' a hundred times. It doesn't feel right. I think I might have it this time. I didn't feel as many qualms as I sent it off. A good thing! *g*

I sometimes feel like I'm doing nothing to further my craft, but when I list them here, I notice - I'm doing ok. Not as good as I'd like, but ok.

Life is good.

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