Friday, July 20, 2012

Reality VS Fantasy

I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of carnage that happened in Colorado last night and for that, I'm grateful. I don't want to be able to imagine such abhorrent behavior.  As a writer, I have to be creative, but this is beyond my understanding. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were victimized so brutally. 

Life goes on. I've spent the last two days working on editing for the last few chapters of 'Blue' in anticipation of a push to finish Ch. 36 and go forward. 

I poured over my notes and the notes from critiquers and shook my head. There are so many lessons to learn from being critiqued. Not just on writing style or content, but on facing life and moving forward.

I still have to laugh over the brew haha over the ruby my hero/heroine wears. Going through the notes, I was constantly told to add more about the ruby. After having stepped back for a few weeks, I noted that the ruby was mentioned too many times, IMHO. 

I truly believe a lot of what is jotted down by meaningful critiquers is jotted down as they read. They have not done a quick read of the whole chapter; they critique as they go along. Now, IMHO, this doesn't work. There are instances where it's good to note something, but I prefer to do that, then go back and make sure that what I've noted isn't explained within a short paragraph or two later. 

I read a story once. I read it again. This is when I put in the edits about grammar and such. Because those are the things that jump out at me as soon as I begin reading. Then -- I read the piece for content, plot, character development, and an ease of reading and understanding the chapter.

If I'm asked to critique, how can I do so without investing some time into it? I know I've expounded about this before, but if I'm asking for a critique, I don't want a cursory glance that my five-year old can give me. I want substance.

If I'm doing a critique, I give it time. Or else I say nope, can't do it at this time.

Life is too precious.

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