Saturday, July 28, 2012

Writing With Friends

Hmmm. That sounds like a good title for a book.

My writing buddy stopped by last night and we had an absolute ball. She had not written much, but had been actively participating in the writing life. Which means - she was thinking about her writing constantly. *g*

She spent the last week reading bad and good literature. Then she wrote down the first sentence from these books and compared them to discern why some were good and why some were bad. She shared her findings with me. Most of it is hard to explain, but she was right. She read me some first lines and it was immediately evident which was bad and which was good. At least to us. *g* Reading is really subjective.

She brought her thoughts on a little sticky note. She knows where her next chapter is going and that's good. I find I have to acknowledge every step forward - even the little ones.

She read my chapter ten out loud. It's so cute the way she does it. She'll read a sentence or two and then stops and shares why she likes it or what phrase really makes her laugh/cry/whatever. It's really good for me, too. Sometimes, she's concerned that she won't progress, but as she reads mine, I'll stop and say, I learned this over the last three years. You will, too. And she feels better. 

It is true. Every moment I'm writing or reading or listening to folks' conversations at the local Panera's, I'm learning.  It's a never-ending process. But I will say this - when she and I share, I see how much I have progressed and what I have learned and it's an awesome experience.

Life is awesome.

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  1. Having someone to talk things over with is so fantastic!