Monday, July 16, 2012

Double Perspectives

On June 1st, I received a critique of my giraffe tale. It was a good critique and I made some of the changes suggested and threw out some others. Yesterday's mail found a copy of the same tale from the same critiquer. I think what happened is - she found the MS and hadn't realized she had already done the critique. So I got two critiques of the same piece by the same person for one price.

The cool thing about this second critique is that she pretty much said what she said in the first one. Just embellished it a bit. It shows me that the tale is solid. She still wants a stanza added to the ending. I'd decided not to - but now I think she was/is right. Another stanza is needed to bring the whole story together. To bring the scenes together. The suggestion she made about how to do it works, too.

Again, this tells me that I must continue to rethink what I'm doing. To accept a critique. Then put it aside. Look at it a couple weeks later. Put it aside again. And then take one last look. If I'm waffling about changes, then figure out why. If I'm adamant about not making a change, then stick to it. And if I think change is needed, then do it.

I'm embarrassed as I look back at this blog. I'd made some goals and not kept them. I had the illness, the funeral, the kids with head lice, the operation, and a truckload of other stuff happening. But I am a writer. These things should flow around my writing instead of the other way around. At least, that's my thought. 

I will go to bed now, get some good rest, and tackle Chapter Thirty-six tomorrow. Finish it!!! 

I will say.... I finished the challenge tale and it was good. I did finish the birthday tale. It ended up a little over ten thousand words and the birthday girl wept over it. I love when that happens!

Give a friend a gift of your writing. It's fun.

Life is fun.

PS - thanks for the good thoughts. The operation went well. It feels like I have a piece of gauze over my eye but the doc promises I will be able to see really well in a couple months. Shees!

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