Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Author's Work...

Editing is never ending! Have you noticed? I just can't believe it. I think I'm finished and then I find another few pages hiding on the dining room table. It's disconcerting. I found another two chapters next to my computer, hiding under a blouse.

I am truly trying to get to writing again, but I want these pages done and out of the way so I can start with a clear conscience. Honestly, it's not an excuse.

Of course, the fact that I now have an in-ground pool about twenty some feet away from my front door doesn't help. Not that I'm in it, but the kids are. I can't. Blasted leg problems. Of all times not to be able to go into a pool... I can't believe it! Talk about irony.

And irony is in reading other writers' blogs and seeing that editing is as much of a 'problem' with them as it is with me. Not that I don't like editing. I do. But it seems so counterproductive sometimes. Especially when I know I've got to get back to the story. Chapter thirty-six is still staring me in the face. I swear, at times it sticks its tongue out at me.

Life is taunting. (Oh! I like that word. Gotta use it somewhere!)

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  1. Yes, it does feel that way, sometimes. :-)