Thursday, July 19, 2012

Power And Power

Yikes! Fuse box could not handle the 98 F degree temps Tuesday. Blew circuit. Electrician came in yesterday to 'edit' *g*  Came back today and put in new parts. 

Spent the last two nights at my daughter's. Couldn't get on the blog. Sorry. 

But power is power and our words are really important. Honestly, I believe my 'dealing' with words in stories - making sure they are the exactly correct ones - has helped me in life. I could tell the electrician wasn't quite understanding what I was saying. He wanted to just leave the problem alone until it happened again - but this was the second time the power blew - so I used my words *g* and finally got him to look into the bowels of the fuse box. Too many things on one switch. So he made it into two switches. Now, all should be fine. *fingers crossed*

I met with my editor last night (only took about ten minutes) and we went over the questions she posed and the suggestions she made. She noted (which I should have) that I used too many 'his brow furrowed' and 'she sighed.' She was right - of course! 

That's why editors are so important. Even with a writing buddy and/or a critique group, these little 'power' words can loose their power and become humdrum. Oh! I like that word even though spell check doesn't!

Got to keep watching for words that have lost their power from overuse or misplacement. Writing is such a fun thing. Like reading a mystery and finding the clues.

Life is good.

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