Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running At The Mouth

Honestly, this new story was only supposed to be three to four chapters. Last night I realized I had to start chapter eight. And then tonight, as I finished ch. 8, I knew I needed chapter nine. But I swear - this is the last chapter before the epilogue! It's over eight thousand words! 

Running at the mouth is something I do really well. My editor, bless her little heart, is quite adept at cutting my stuff. I'm learning, too. At least, I'm trying to. 

Sometimes, I get 'territorial' with my words.  A phrase makes me happy as I read it. A scene cannot possibly be struck. It's too good. It was too much fun writing. A new character rears his/her ugly head and I'm ready and willing to offer her/him a home. No! Stop! I can't add another character.

That's the blessing of having an editor. Or a writing buddy. Or a good critique group. They'll take me and shake me and tell me, no, you can't add another scene to that chapter. You can't add another character to that book. You can't add another word. Stop!

I'm learning to listen. I have to. They love me.

Life is fun. Happy Fourth to those impacted. *g*

PS - I swear I'll get back to reading my favorite blogs. But this story has me in its thrall. I must write.


  1. I've learned to cut and save for another story. :-D

  2. I hold my "this story will be x number of chapters" plans very loosely, because I really don't always know what's lurking under the surface of the story I think I'm telling. The story is the only one that knows how long it should be. It's aggravating sometimes to be caught up in a tale that won't stop when you want to move on, but you won't really be happy unless you let it have its way. The best stories are the ones that have their way with us! There is a time and place for stopping, of course, and editing is vital, but the story has to come out and be told in its own way first! :-D Good luck with Chapter Nine! Or was that Ten....? ;-)

  3. Well, this story is a bit too short. But I might consider saving for a rainy day, Judy. *g*

  4. Ah, Margaret! You're enjoying this way too much! Chapter ten indeed....