Thursday, July 5, 2012

Too Hot To Write

Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher. We've had so many this summer, it's insane. The new place has only a window air conditioner in the living room and I find I have troubles sleeping. I'm surviving. Could be one heck of a lot worse.

But I find I can't write. Sitting in front of the computer is warmish. I've got two screens and they like to shoot hot streams of air out at me. I stay on it for as short a time as I can. I took my handy dandy yellow pad to a restaurant the other day and still found it difficult to cool down. No type of air conditioning seems to be able to battle this kind of heat.

We're expecting the hottest day of the year, another record breaker, tomorrow. I am going to stay with my daughter for a few days. Her house is always freezing. I won't be able to write on my computer while I'm gone. I've got no ink in mine, of course, and so I can't print out my stories. I'm going to send them to myself and hit up the local library in the early morning, while it's only in the upper 80's, and print at least the one tale out. I am on the very last chapter. Not sure if I'm going to end it the way it is now. It feels rather abrupt. I'm gonna write my buddy after I post this and ask her opinion. After that, the epilogue and I'll be done. It's been a great tale and lots of fun to write.

Then, back to 'Blue.' It's gnawing at my innards. Wants to be written. I don't blame it. I'm hoping this respite will help me attack it with gusto.

Life is hot.


  1. Praying the heat wave there ends soon.

  2. Yep, the heat makes one feel listless, and that's the worst feeling to overcome when trying write. Hope you can strike the right balance between staying cool and getting some writing in!

  3. We broke records again today. My car said it was 109 F. Can't hardly believe it. Too hot to hold the steering wheel. Today should be better, Judy.

    Margaret, I'm finding the heat is giving me an upset stomach. I'm trying to take fluids. Hoping it's not dehydration!