Monday, July 9, 2012

SCBWI Conference

Getting excited. I signed up last night for the September conference. The presenters look great and the schedule is full of stuff to learn. I signed up for a critique. I know. I'm probably stupid for doing it. It's kind of like laying my neck for the executioner's ax. But there you are! It truly is one way to learn.

The little one and I listen to Pandora every night before going to sleep. It takes us well over an hour to fall asleep because we lie in bed and try to figure out what movie the music is for. I have a special channel that I put on for us. It's got Lord of the Rings and Master and Commander and Harry Potter and all sorts of things like that.

It gave me pause tonight to realize how easy it would be to fall into telling the same story over and over within my book. I am beyond grateful, for the Muse likes to 'mix it up' and I end up with scenes that are not like the previous ones. Let's me breathe easy, I will tell you that. 

When I get critiqued, no one ever says that the books are banal. They say the creativity is astounding. And then I have that dear writing buddy who absolutely drools over my dialogue.

Now, if I can just get an agent or a publisher to realize and appreciate these things! 

Life is a joy. 

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