Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sleepless Olympics

Thank goodness for a DVD player. Since the Olympics opened, I'm  not sleeping much. I love the Olympics, every wondrous moment. Having the capability to tape them is also wondrous. No commercials. I've fallen asleep somewhere around 2am the past two nights, woken up at 4am, watched part of the taped segements, then fallen into bed.  I've got to stop that.  Not good for the babysitting, starting again tomorrow. I get too excited, though, watching, that it's hard to fall asleep. Unless I'm on the couch. *g*

I am always stunned at the courage, fortitude, and endurance of the athletes. I am reminded that if I keep even one-tenth of such a regimen with my writing, I'd be awesome.

Well - I am awesome. *g*

I decided to work on those twenty pages of editing by increments. Today, I told myself, 'Do two pages.' I've now finished SIX. Life is good.

Continuity is so incredibly important. I found that I used the term 'mile' when I should be using 'league' or 'rod' or other such medieval measurements. BTW - here's a great site for reference for these measurements.

Another oddity - I found that sometimes a phrase or scene or paragraph even that I'm having trouble with can be deleted without difficulty. I love it. I had this little two-sentence mess. It nagged at me that it wasn't right. It just didn't work. I either needed to put a lot more work into making it fit - or just delete it. Once I did delete it, the whole paragraph worked great. Sometimes, I've got to cut things instead of picking at them.

Life is delicious.

UPDATE:  I finished the entire twenty pages of editing! Hooray! Hooray! I've got to remember that trick - tell myself I'll do two pages and hope that I'll finish it all.

Life is good!!!

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