Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Next Few Days

are debatable about whether or not I'll be able to blog. Eye surgery tomorrow. Not sure what recovery time is. Got my fingers crossed that all will go well. If not, I've told my daughter where the story is and how to finish it. *g* Yeah, sure!

It is one of my 'tiny' fears - dying before the blasted thing is done. I know that sounds hysterical, but the girl with the tatoo (or whatever the title was) - her author died before he saw it published. Seems a cruel twist of fate. I am so hoping that, in the world beyond this, the author knows he was published and movie-ized (my own word).

I found a great list at this link about rules for storytelling. They were all pretty good, but my favorite was #19, about coincidences. Hope you enjoy the read.

I'm spending some time working on 'Blue' now. I want to finish Ch. 36 before I go under the knife.

Life is traumatic.

PS - Margaret gets my collectibles if something happens! *g*


  1. Nothing is going to happen to you except a successful surgery, which I'm praying for. The collectibles can wait, lol!


  2. Surgery went well. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    I was surprised at how horrendos the vision was yesterday. Like trying to see through a piece of cheesecloth! Getting better day by day. Can't see the computer, but I can see my tablet. Phew!