Friday, June 29, 2012

What Day Is This?

Life has been incredibly insane these past three weeks. I haven't even seen nor talked with my best friend. I hate it when life gets so nasty! I'm hoping it is finally on the upswing. What would I do if I didn't have hope???

I've been laughingly posting about characters and how they try to sway me to what they want their story to be. Most times, I hold out, but there are times when I get carried away with their 'vision' and off we all go. *g*

The other side of the coin. When you share your tale and your critiquers want you to go off onto some tangent that you hadn't thought of - nor, in most cases - wanted! I've had that happen lately. But innocuously. They don't mean it, per se. I know they don't. But their little remarks, their hints at something more (or less) and I begin to feel guilt Perhaps I should 'go' the way they want me to. It sounds interesting.

It's the guilt. And perhaps a lack of surety as to where my story is going. But I find that I sometimes acquiesce to these demands. I'm trying not to. Unless the change is incredibly good, or fills a real need for the plot or character or whatever, or address some failing in what I've written, I'm not doing it. I'm putting down my foot. I'm saying, no.

Life is challenging.

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