Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I know that as long as my MS is in my grubby hands I'll be doing edits. It's a given. I've finished with Chapters one through five - again. My writing buddy and I have done these the last few weeks. I am promising myself that I will not return to them until I have completed the manuscript. I plan on sending the completed one to my editor. She's seen what's already been written and critiqued them, but having the full manuscript is kind of a horse of a different color. Perusing the whole story, unbroken, will highlight the mistakes and shore up the strengths. I hope.

I've finished two chapters of my friend's birthday story. It is an uplifting, joy-filled tale and it is such fun to write of joy and peace and friendship without too many thrills and spills along the way. Just constant hope.

I sure would like to see that for my hero/heroine in 'Blue' but it's not to be. Not for at least another two books. *g*

It's good to be almost done with problems and illnesses and such and be back to writing and reading and rejoicing.

I hope you can too.

Life is a joy.

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