Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've spent a goodly portion of this day on research. It started out feeling fun. I get mesmerized by stats and geography and timelines and such... But after I'd spent an hour and a half trying to figure out a certain thing, I was ready to pull out my hair! *g*

River flow. If I move my story back about a month, the spring melt will make the river flow faster and then my hero will be able to get where I want him to be at the right time. I can do that.

For folks who write historical novels, it must get downright frustrating, trying to move the story within the context of a 'known' timeline. I don't envy them that. I have enough trouble with a 'fantasy' timeline!

Trying to get other characters where I want them to be at a given time is also insane. They want their own ways. They have their own agendas. It's like juggling. 

But I'll get through this. I am finished with Chapter Six on my friend's birthday story. I have Chapter Seven and the Epilogue to do. I've had to change who I wanted to be there in Chapter Seven. I hope I can make it work and have it be plausible at the same time. *rolls my eyes in frustration*

Life is exacting.

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