Thursday, June 7, 2012


There was a news report about a school in my town that received a really big award. A reporter interviewed a student (maybe a fifth grader?). The reporter asked how many books the boy had read during the school year and the kid responded, "Fifty." The reporter reeled. So did I. 

I feel the lack. If I'm lucky, I read a couple books a year. One of the reasons is I'm a consummate over-reader. I can't stop, once I start. The second reason, and it's probably false, is that I don't want to have my own writings impacted by what I'm reading. What I mean is: I don't want to find out that I've written a scene that is like one I've read. I really fear this. Yet, I haven't yet. And I'm on my fourth book. Baseless fear, I think.

Those in the know continue to exhort writers to read. I really believe it's true. But I did spend my entire childhood and teen years reading voraciously -- long into the night with a flashlight. *g*

Styles have changed and such, but good writing and proper grammar, etc. don't change. Well, most times. 

My little one now reads, unbelievable to me, and so I have made it a summer priority that she will read two books to me a day. She reads two to her mom and dad at bedtime. That makes four a day. Well on the way to expanding her life.

Life is knowledge.


  1. My mom challenged her second graders to read 100 easy books during the year. Reading is a door to the world.

  2. Hi, darling, just signed in as your follower, love your blog!
    I have the same fear that my writing is influenced by what I am reading. But I cannot stop reading. I was encouraged to read from early childhood on. When I see my niece who never reads ( and finds the sentences in Anne Rice's books too long!!!) I am really sorry for her. How poor is her life! So encourage your little one as much as possible, she will be grateful. xxx Gesine

  3. Judy, I've always read voraciously. As a youth, I couldn't imagine NOT reading.

  4. Gesine, so glad your following. This is about the only thing that I'm really good at keeping up. Until this last week when life threw me the curve ball. But I've picked it up and thrown it back!

    Terribly sad - not loving reading. *shivers*