Monday, June 25, 2012


Found this great post at a friend's blog about finding a writers' group to support you.  

"...people who understand what it was like to live with characters nagging you night and day, taking stories in their own direction or secondary characters demanding stories of their own.

In my opinion, this really describes what it's like to be a writer. Many times I feel like I'm out there floundering, not sure of myself, or what I'm doing.

As Laurel says, characters nag me. They don't like what I'm writing; they have their own ideas of what 'their' part in the story should be. They take the story in a different direction than I had planned on going. They drive me mad.

But it's way too much fun to not write. It's way too exciting to be waiting for the next part. It's way too exciting to meet new characters and have them become friends. 

Oh dear. Only another write would know I'm not insane. Truly I'm not insane.

Life is bizarre.


  1. You know it's bad when your characters start nagging other writers as well as you, and the secondary characters who want more story time recruit the readers to aid them in their quest for the spotlight. ;-)

  2. Oh yes! Some of your characters have definitely nagged me. That's what happens when you write well - your readers become friends with your characters and want only the best (or worst) for them!

    So I am being manipulated by your characters??? Hmmm!

  3. LOL!! A writer is never ever alone. Someone is always nattering in your head, whether you want them there or not. :-) Glad my description resonated with you.

  4. It did. I also shared it with my writing buddy. We both laughed.