Saturday, June 16, 2012


I can hardly believe I've missed posting this entire week. I've felt like I've totally neglected my blog. And that is not a good thing.

All heck broke loose in the real world and I have been living on fumes - totally exhausted. My little one had a couple instances of illness, thankfully not serious, but illnesses that claimed a lot of time, endurance, patience, and plain old courage on her part. I am and always have been proud of her, but this week upped my respect for her. 

I was supposed to meet with my writing buddy on Tuesday - postponed it til Thursday - and then had to cancel altogether. I felt terrible but life sometimes takes us where we do not want to go. Thankfully, she was ok with the changes. We'll meet next Monday or Tuesday. We've been having such fun with it that we've decided to up the amount of sharing to three chapters instead of one.

I have hardly written, these past few months. Tomorrow is a friend's birthday and she's a writer, so I sat down today to write a quickie for her. The quickie turned into two chapters and I know there are going to be more. I love it when the Muse runs amok and can't stop! 

Life is upish and downish.

PS - my editor called to discuss the chapters I'd sent her but my daughter and granddaughter and I were in the midst of a physical therapy session and I had to decline the critique. I'm dying to hear what she thinks. Though she did say it was good and moved the story along. Phew!


  1. Ack! Sorry to hear about all the upheaval! Hope it's better soon! Glad to hear the story continues to move along and that you have goof folks in your corner.

  2. Bless you. Life can be interesting, as I've said a thousand times. Hopefully, next week I'll get back into some semblance of my schedule and be able to write and read and enjoy my friends' blogs!

  3. I trust your own health is improving, as well! I love your little one, she is such a trooper, taking everything in stride!

    I like the sound of two plus chapters on the birthday story. ;-)

  4. The birthday story is coming along quite well!

    As for the little one, God bless her. She's an awesome example to me.