Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blasted Rules

Ah - I've been reading some great stories by friends and have come to the conclusion, once again, that sometimes the rules just don't apply.

The 'ly' thing is especially *g* difficult to accept. I just finished a tale where snidely was used and I loved it. Supposedly, these things bring the reader out of the tale, but I knew exactly what the author meant without five words to explain it and I laughed and rolled in the joy of the word. I know we can use ly's occasionally *g* but I have tried to stay away from them. As part of my discipline plan. But I find the good ones delightful.

Another thing I had trouble with was POV. I am learning how to write in only one POV, but I really, really love reading a story with more than one. I'm told readers find it difficult to follow a story that has more than one POV. For me, I love them better. I think it might be because I grew up with TV. And yet, those who 'make' the rules grew up with TV. If I watch any show, it will go from one 'scene' to another, showing me numerous POVs. Does that cause me problems? No. If I read a book with more than one POV, does that cause me problems? No. 

Again, I worry about the dumbing down of readers. I hope that's not what this is, but I do wonder.

Life is puzzling.

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  1. I love how you put that! The dumbing down of readers! I also feel like some of those who write the rules are actually displaying a need to be superior to their reader. They, of course, recognize what's wrong, and must save the reader from working too hard. I write from the hero and the heroine's point of view. I keep to POV per scene. I decide whose POV to use by who I think has the most to lose. One of my favorite authors changes POV within the scene... it's an unspoken dialogue. His POV and then hers and back again, back and forth like a variation on a conversation. I love it.