Monday, June 18, 2012

Had a fun time reading this blog today. The author had a cute way of saying we should take a break now and again.

Another great tidbit of wisdom came from this blog (paraphrased):

1) look at what I have done in the past
2) review those complimentary emails from my readers
3) recall those challenging projects that I thought I would totally blow and didn’t

I've spent the evening on my birthday story. Chapter Two is almost complete with that. I'm working on the edits for 'Blue' at the moment - in the midst of a nice thunderstorm. I do love thunderstorms. The rain is much needed, but my thoughts are on a place far away and terribly dangerous. Got to get my hero/heroine to the wizards' castle and on to the rescue. 

Time is growing short. I've sent my editor up to Chapter 32 and I'm on Chapter 36. So I best get my buns in gear and get writing, else I'll not have anything to send within the next week or two.

Life is curious

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