Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I spent today perusing the internet looking for publishers that might just be right for my childrens' picture book, 'Sorrysorrysorry.' There are a truckload of publishers out there, but I'm concerned about up and up ones - meaning I'm concerned about ones that won't mess with me, take the money and run, leave me with no control whatsoever. 

I had already sent the giraffe tale out to four of the 'big' publishers last fall. If you recall, I got responses from three, all very nice, and all rejections.

I found two publishers who are independents. I found two others who are of the rather large variety. I sent an email to my editor asking her advice on these four. I made it my goal to send out the MS to four publishers by the end of this week. 

I feel pretty good about this time around. The first time, it was truly difficult. I was afraid of the responses. As I said, they were nice. I don't know what kind I'll get this time, but I'm feeling more sure of myself. 

Still working on 'Blue.' I've got three chapters to be edited using the comments from my writers' group. I also have three MSs to critique for this Saturday's writers' group. 

Life is stepping out.


  1. Sharron, you might check out Predators and Editors. I've heard many writers recommend this site.


  2. An excellent site. I once found it - and lost it again. Thanks. I'll definitely keep it close this time. *g* Probably wasn't even thinking about publishing when I first found that site.