Thursday, June 21, 2012


I really had to laugh today as I perused other blogs. I wrote yesterday about sometimes being fear-filled and the very first blog I read today was titled, 'Strength.' Nice notes for us all. Here's the link. Many thanks, Leigh!


One of the best things about having a blog is being able to follow - and learn from - other bloggers.

Met (via phone/internet) with my editor today. We went over Chapters 30 through 32. She loved them. That is so awesome. She had a problem with whether or not my heroine threw out the stew. It was an easy fix. Thank goodness. The other problem was / is / and will be more difficult to fix. It's to do with the relationship between the hero/heroine. I'm going to have to give this some thought. She is falling in love with his persona - not sure if it's him but her image of him. So now I've got to spend some time delving into their relationship. This is a pivotal point in the story and I've got to get it right.

That's the great thing about an editor or a writing buddy or even a truthful friend. They tell me what I need to put under a magnifying glass. Not that I MUST change it, but that I should look at it, in depth, and decide what it is I'm trying to say. Where it is I'm going...

It's what writing is about, I think. Growing and learning and taking a step out on the great adventure. 

Life is awesome.

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