Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

I truly hate it when the Muse sits on my chest when I'm in bed, trying to sleep. She does it way too often. Last night, I lay in my really nice and comfy bed and tossed and turned as she bedeviled me. 

It was worth it. I finally acquiesced and got out of bed and went to my computer. I leave it on. What's the use of turning it off? 

I needed to name 'my' world. I've been skirting the issue for months. The Muse would stand for it no longer. That meant changing some of the kingdoms' names. Research takes a bit of time. I do not change names haphazardly. I looked for the origin of the name I chose and then went from them, finding people and city names that would match. It took a good couple of hours.

After that, I had to go back and re-read the whole story. To make sure the changes (I used the computer's find/replace feature)... to make sure the changes were correct. I found a couple where I had to change the city's name, but it worked out. 

Needless to say, since I'm at a word count of over 45,000 it has taken quite some time. I'm up to Chapter 30. I'll finish it today, but I've got to get outside. There is blue sky and bright sunshine!

Life is sunny.


  1. Sleep is overrated... just sayin.... :-)

  2. It's upsetting to lose sleep when you know you need it, but when the Muse is really pricking you and you aren't sleeping anyway because you're composing your story in your head, then you might as well be productive and get up! Sounds like it was an all-nighter, though, with all that accomplished!

  3. Yes, Judy, sleep can be overrated... However, I really think sleep every other day or so helps creativity. *g*

  4. It was close to an all-nighter, Margaret, but once I got the gist of the changes and additions down, I was able to sleep. I have to remember that instead of fighting the Muse and wasting an hour or two!