Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time To Write

It's an absolutely gorgeous day today. 70's in April. Who'd have thunk.

I'm taking my pad (the electronic one and the handy, dandy yellow one) outside to the park by the lake and write. I've had enough with critiques and such. Got to get my poor heroine/hero to the castle to rescue her brother. She's made the decision and she's gonna change again. Only way to keep the wizards from finding them. Flynn's being an excellent friend.

Life is gorgeous.


  1. I didn't go out, because thunderstorms were threatening all day, but the breeze coming in the open windows was nice!

    Hope your writing time went well and you were encouraged by time spent with your characters. :-)

  2. I'd hoped you were ok. We had sunshine all day. The lake was beautiful. I was disappointed though. There were only amateur 'kiters' there. Their poor kites kept crashing. Did a couple pages of writing. So that was good.