Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm soooo close to finishing Ch. 34. I want to put it on the side of this page as Progress and be done with it. But I can't. It's around 1100 words and I want about another hundred or so. 

I know that probably sounds insane to some of you. I write chapters by word count. I write the basic story and then embellish. There's always things that the Muse adds. She loves to surprise me, in the midst of the chapter, with some tendril that I hadn't thought about. It works. Really it does.

This one's going to end on a minor cliffhanger. I like cliffhangers. You know. Those things that make you desperate to turn the page. They're fun to do. So this one's done. The basic premise is there. I want it a little longer. The Muse has already added a few things. I know she'll give me more. Tonight.

I'm going to quit for the day and relax my shoulders. They get stiff sometimes as I scrunch over with enthusiasm and wonder.

I did spend time working on the chapter listing. I've finally caught up. I plan to use these short synopses for my full synopsis. 

Life is wondrous.

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