Friday, April 27, 2012

Spitting Nails

I hadn't realized how behind I was in editing. I 'found' an email from my editor with comments for Ch. 22-26. I had to go back and make changes. Then I had the five reviews from the last critique group. I'd read them over before and digested some of their thoughts. I made the changes I thought were important/plausible and then re-read and edited those chapters. It's taken two full days!

Now, I present in two weeks (thankfully) and must do a thorough edit of the next chapters so I can send them out tomorrow. Phew! Life is awesomely wonderful that I can present again, but I'm spitting nails and kicking myself that I didn't do this editing before. 

I thought I knew what the ending to 'Blue' was going to be, but the character, the last few days while I was trying to sleep, has told me No, I want it this way. I've stopped fighting. I know the Muse has spoken. It will be good, once I swallow my pride and a few other notions.

Writing is awesome but scary and wondrous and nerve-wracking.

Life is ya da ya da ya da.... *g*

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