Monday, April 9, 2012

Nancy Drew

A friend loaned me a book about the author(s) of the Nancy Drew series. (A series of girl-detective books from around 1910ish.) A very interesting read. Seems these kinds of serial books were written by a stable of writers. Writers for hire. I've got a friend who does that. I somehow thought it was a new practice. Seems it's old. Like the 1800's.

The title is: 'Girl Sleuth. Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her.' There's a bunch of great info tucked away in this 2005 book by Melanie Rehak. I especially liked how cliffhangers and such were used.

I've been chided for the breakneck pace of my stories and I think I might know why I write this way. Blame it on the serials. I grew up with the Lucky Star books by Asimov (under an alias). I have to go back and re-read those books. I'll bet there's a lot of cliffhangers, slam-bang action, and fun characters. 

I think I'll not take to heart the disparagement about my writing. If I even come close to Asimov, I'm doing good.

If you get a chance, get the book. It's a great read. I learned about writing, and perseverance, and courage, and the suffrage movement, all in just a short couple days of reading.

Life is never dull.

PS - I'm still editing the stuff my editor gave me for 'Blue.'

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