Monday, April 30, 2012

A Milestone And An Awesome Evening

Wasn't gonna say it, but I have to. Just passed the 5,000 mark for hits and in only one and a half years.


Now, onto a really wonderful evening. For awhile now, a writing buddy and I have been discussing getting together and sharing our stuff. I finally called her this afternoon and she came over tonight. 

I printed out the first chapter of 'Blue' and she read it aloud. It was quite an experience. The few times she hesitated as she read I noted. These parts might need some tweaking. She stumbled over one of the names and I've decided to an an 'n' to it. That should help the pronunciation. She loved my dialogue. 

Oddly, and this is the second time this has happened, she felt I should start the story further down from where I have it beginning. About the same place another person has told me to start. I'm having ambiguous feelings about this. I love the first part and yet I can see why they think I should cut that part out (use it someplace else) and start in this other place. It really is where the action starts. And isn't that what I've read in advise places? So I really have to look at it, painfully, and consider changing it. 

She bowled me over with the beauty of her prose. I read her first chapter and sat with mouth agape. She writes description magnificently. I fell in love with her character immediately. Though he doesn't speak for the whole first chapter, the way she describes him and his actions and his 'quirks' endeared him to me. I can't wait to read more. She has a fluidity to her chapter. *blush* She said the same of mine.

I can't wait til we meet next week for chapter two of both works. Mine ended on a cliffhanger and she wants to know what happens next. And her character is so cute and lovable that I have to see what happens next.

It was such a delight, for both of us, to be able to share about writing, and our characters and stories, and not be told, 'that was nice,' in that deprecating voice. The level of enthusiasm about writing lifted us both far into the heavens. It was an awesome evening. We laughed quite a lot.

Life is incredible.


  1. One of the big pieces of advice I hear is cut the first chapter, and start the book on chapter 2. I haven't been able to do it either. Will you be able to work in the information from the first chapter elsewhere? So glad it was such a great experience.

  2. I could possibly. I really hate flashbacks. I've got two in the book and they are only one or two lines long.

    It was fun - I can only hope you find someone close by that you can share a cup of tea with and your passion (for writing *g*)