Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Savor The Juices

I had a great time writing yesterday but had to quit before I wanted to. Exhaustion, coupled with an appointment, made me stop. But I did finish the one chapter and made headway on the next.

This morning I wrote about half of Chapter 34. It's going great, thankfully. (I don't worry about 'ly' when I'm writing here *g*). A lot of action, another attack, a revelation, and a tear-filled goodbye. Lots of fun! *g*

I didn't write as much on the chapter as I had wanted to. I went back to my chapter list. I'm behind on it and had to catch up. It's needed. I won't have to do as much work when I get to the synopsis because the chapter list tells me what is in chapter.

I hope to write more tonight. The little one needs to be picked up soon and I must be off. I started a part-time marketing job Sunday. It's been working out great. I do it from home and that means I must be up and on the computer around 8am. That gives me a great start to the day. Easy work. God is good.

I do so love it when the Muse and I are one. Such a feeling of accomplishment. No fears. No worries. Just tremendous creativity.

I wish you the same.

Life is awesome.

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