Friday, April 13, 2012

Stories For Tomorrow

I've got my writers' group tomorrow. I present. I'm looking forward to it. And yet I have some trepidation about how the chapters will be looked upon.

This is the midpoint, the crux of the book, and I am hoping I've got it down right. My editor, bless her heart, aside from some changes, said it's perfect. 

We'll see what the crew thinks. I myself still have some questions. I'm dying to find out if they are shocked by the developments or if they will take them in stride.

The book is slightly controversial. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll find a publishing house. Though the subject matter is current. I'll just have to wait until that time comes and see what happens.

One of the other members is presenting her new tale. I've said it before, this writer makes my jaw drop when I read her stuff. She's only around seventeen and she writes just the best stuff ever. She doesn't finish though. I'm really hoping that, as maturity comes, so will her sense of perseverance. She's incredible.

Life is never dull.

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