Friday, April 6, 2012

Lots Of Changes

Bless my dear editor. She called yesterday and said she'd like to meet and go over the last chapters I sent her. Said she loved them. That I kept surprising her. That the twists the story takes are great. She said she had few changes - only a few questions.

We met, via phone, today. 

Yikes! The questions were great. Horrid, yet great. I had two really big things that I had to change. The one I'm still not sure what to do about. I think the Muse is whispering. I'll have to listen closely.

The problem - or the good thing - is that my grammar and such is now pretty good. My editor says she doesn't even bother looking anymore. What she's doing now is concentrating on story line and continuity. Two incredibly important parts of writing. I'm so glad we've gotten past the grammar and such. I'm glad I'm getting it (and those elusive quotation marks that disappear once I send it to her. Honest! I promise. I put in quotes! *g*)

All her comments/questions were spot on. I've been mulling about changing editors, but I think she's finally getting used to the genre and I'm finally getting used to her style of editing. 

I worked on the changes today. Got a couple more to go. Things like taking a horse. I had the character take one and my editor said, better take this other character's horse. She was right. Little things that you really wouldn't think make much of a difference. But they do. Challenges like these keep me awake at night. And grateful for my editor.

Life is fun.

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