Friday, April 20, 2012

Fav Speaker and Expletives

I follow a few blogs. One of them is here.

I met the author a few years ago in Utah and just loved her talk to the SCBWI group there. I put her on my list of favorite speakers. (look to your left below the Progress thingee)...

Well, her newest book has come out and I'm just so happy for her. It's quite good. Gonna be a trilogy. I read the first book in two days and now sit on tenterhooks waiting for the next.... which will probably be at least a year. Shees! 

I much prefer finding a good series when the LAST book is published. Then, I can gorge myself on them and not have to wait. I have no patience. *g*

As for expletives - not that kind!!! I read an article in the Writer about getting rid of expletives. The author of the article said an expletive is a phrase like, 'there is' a large animal in Jim's den. To make it zippier write, A large animal roamed Jim's den - or something like that.

When I first started writing, I couldn't believe that authors spent so much time on individual words, wracking their brains for the perfect word. It seemed inconceivable to me. Now, I do it all the time. 

This article presents a furthering of that process. I think it's great. I have turned into a lover of the honed word. Now, I'll be a lover of the honed phrase/sentence/thing. 

Another little thing that I like - keeping phrases that begin with 'as' down to a minimum. They can just drag a story under.

Life is exhilarating


  1. The worst thing is when I'm reading a book and I suddenly realize that I've been staring at the same sentence for the past five minutes re-writing it in my head. Gah! Word choice! Writers are insane. ;)

  2. *excitedly waves hands in the air*

    Me too, me too. Are we sick? Do we need to get a life? *g*