Saturday, April 28, 2012

Into The Fray

I have caught up with my editing, thank goodness! Well, for now at least. Editing is one of those things that can be like the everlasting gobstoppers in Willy Wonka's factory. You can suck and chew and nibble and never finish the thing. That's the beauty of having an editor who says, "Stop. Send it out." 

I had a few scenes that folks thought should be deleted. I felt they still needed to be in the story, so I moved one or two. I think it works. That's one of the many things about getting my work critiqued. I keep telling myself: Keep my integrity. Take their comments under consideration, knowing that I am the author. Keep up my courage. The opinions of others are just that, opinions. Many times they have no clue as to why the witch is going to die under Dorothy's fallen house. We find out, along the way. Remembering to tell my readers, along the way, is something I try to keep in mind. It's not often I 'lose' a string, but I do sometimes. That's why I try to keep writing my quickie synopsis while I'm going along. When I read something in the synopsis that I forgot about, I can put it in at my leisure and where I think it belongs.

Writing is such a fluid art. It's amazing to me. I continue to equate it with the other arts. They are all alike. I learn from what an artist will tell me about her paints or the light needed. I learn from a carpenter how walls not only hold up a house but give it definition. There are so many things to learn. It's an adventure everyday.

Life is fun. Period.

PS - Last night, I sent out the next chapters to my writers' group. Whoo hoo!

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