Monday, November 21, 2011

Wish I Could Afford

I have always been a firm proponent of investing in myself. Especially with writing. You know, going to conferences and workshops and such. However, there is just so much money in the moth-ridden change purse. 

There are two things I'd really love to do. The first is the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York at the end of January. Gosh, the speakers look great and the workshops are mouth-watering. But I can't. Such is life. Suck it up, Sharron.     

The other is the six-week Odyssey Writing Workshop at St. Anselm's in July, 2012. The cost is high, but not if this is to be my life's work. However, the workshop AND the room and board are beyond my ability to swing. Also, six weeks? What would I do with the little one?

Thankfully, there is the internet. Lots of good blogs sharing good tips and such. There is the library. Awesome resource. And then there are the writing groups that I'm a member of. Last, but not least, are my friends (those who write and those who don't.) They sustain me. 

I will learn this craft. Hmm - there's a local community college nearby. I think I'll look into what they have to offer during the hours the little one is in school.

Life is fun. Complicated, but fun.


  1. We have a local conference I'd like to attend, but the money simply isn't there. That six-week thing sounds like a challenge! I'd love to do that.

  2. Honestly, the six-week things scares me a bit. Six weeks straight of four hours per morning writing and then another eight critiquing and such.

    I guess it's the thought of trying to sit for four hours and come up with stuff. I'm sure they give story lines and such to help, but...

    Saw a report yesterday that all we need is $75,000 and a few friends and we'll be happy. Any less and we're worried; any more and were filled with problems.

    I've got the friends.... *giggle*