Thursday, November 10, 2011

THE Critique

Remember? I won a raffle for a 20 minute critique of the first ten pages of 'Blue.' The critique was this morning.

I'm still reeling. The author gave me two and half pages of notes. All very good. All constructive. But at the end of the process, as so normally happens with me, I couldn't tell if she thought 'Blue' was publishable or not. I got the impression, and I could very well be wrong, that she thought I had potential. But where does that leave 'Blue.'

I'm in the doldrums tonight. Again, this is the norm for me. This author gave me totally different advise than what I'm receiving from my editor. Remember this - my editor is paid by me. She is not affiliated with any publishing house. She teaches classes all over the area. She has been published a gazillion times and has TWO books coming out in 2012. 

The crux of the matter, in my mind's eye, is that my editor is a children's book writer. My book is geared to upper middle grade or lower YA. When I read other books that I consider near my own, the format is definitely different. I am confused. Bewildered. I've asked a writer whom I respect  to meet with me after Saturday's critique session. I've got to have a third opinion of what is 'normal' for fantasy.

I'm putting everything aside until Saturday and then I'll go back and reread her notes. 

BTW - she could not have been kinder. She spent an hour with me! An hour. Perhaps I should take that as an affirmative for my writing. Would she have spent an hour with me if there wasn't something of worth?

I think I will continue to write 'Blue' and not consider any outside critiquing (just Skyline's). When it's all done, I'm going to get an agent. See what happens then.

Life is whirling, at the moment.

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