Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Something's Wrong With Time

I swear it's Wednesday - but my calendar says it's Tuesday.

Exhaustion can do bad things to you. To me. I'm discovering that the stresses of life have been a bit too much and my body has rebelled. 

So I'm giving myself an excuse for the doldrums that descended upon me of late. Not that you, dear friends, need an excuse. You know I can be such fun. 

I tried to write today, but I read instead. I've been trying to do that more lately. The book I chose was good. I finished it this afternoon. 

That means, I can write tomorrow night. Daytime writing just isn't possible with my little one. Though she is sweet beyond measure, she likes to play with her Ammie. That means Barbies, princesses, coloring, cooking.... lots of things. The day is full of joy and fatigue. 

Kathleen is still in full command of 'Blue.' I hope she lets Kaspar come out and play sometime soon.

Life is full of deep breathing.


  1. Sometimes, we need the break to regroup.

  2. I wanna be Barbie. The wench has everything!

  3. The princesses have as much --- BUT --- ready for this? They are BARBIE princesses.... Good grief!