Monday, November 14, 2011

I Should Whine More Often

You know, this seems to happen a lot. When I get discouraged and start to feel sorry for myself, the Muse kicks in (and kicks me) and off I go.

Wrote a truckload last night. I wrote some fluff, too. But 'Blue' insisted that I spend some time on her. Did research, too. The terrain has changed, where they're now heading, and I had to get a firm idea of what it looked like. There are places all around the world that are like where I'm sending them. New Zealand, the US, Turkey, lots of places. That's great for me because it means it will seem familiar and yet seem unfamiliar to my readers. Not a fun place to send my poor hero/heroine -- but that's where Bryan's at. 

Only a couple more chapters to go before the next 'incident' and then I'll be writing the climax. Seems incredible. Especially since I was so low yesterday! I have to thank friends, especially Minnie, for hitting me upside the head!

I'll go back, after the whole story is written, and incorporate Bob's thoughts (see Nov. 12th posting). They are all feasible and most should really put zing into the work.

Life is being flexible.

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