Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Editing Again

My mind, it seems of late, is always attuned to writing. The outside world revolves around that concept. Today I watched a well-known movie. I  felt sorrow for the director. There were parts that just didn't flow and I wondered if it was because those parts lay on the cutting room floor.

I'm wondering if it might be best to let someone come in with a scissors and cut 'Blue' with no input from me. The way an editor does in a film. Off in a silent room, away from the director. That way, I could go screaming into the night, pulling my hair out. Instead of doing it quietly over coffee at the nearby Panera's. 

That being said, I edited 'Blue' again -- the last six chapters. And finished writing Chapter Twenty-nine. 

I am now on the downswing from the Midpoint. I have the last 'obstacle to overcome' and then the Climax, and the Denoument. *g* Feels good.

Life is satisfying.

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