Friday, November 25, 2011

Blue Giraffes

Maybe I should combine the stories? Naw! Made me laugh though, and I needed that. Blue Giraffes -- does have a ring to it. :)

I worked on 'Blue's' Chapter Thirty-one the last couple of days. I've got parts of 32 and 33 done, too. The muse threw in another dragon - of which I was extremely pleased. Cute little critter. But not too cute. She'll be needed when Kathleen tries to rescue Bryan. I hope. Never can tell with the Muse. She could wipe out the whole scene in one fell swoop of her ... What does she use? Fairy dust? Magic pen? Maybe there's a Pensive nearby that she dips into? Or a Palantir? I haven't a clue. Glad she's on my side, though.

I also went back to the giraffe story. I'm so close I can taste it. I'm going to send it off this evening to my editor. She is VERY particular, which, on this, is a very good thing. 

I made a commitment to send giraffes out to four more publishers by the end of this month. That time is drawing near. I will do it!!!

BTW - I still see giraffes every day. I am astounded. The Toys 'R Us giraffe in particular. He's on tv daily what with the Christmas season. But he's not the only one I see. (I hope I don't sound like the kid in the Shyamalan movie... 'I see dead people!')

Life is commitment.

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